Girum Ermias

Few Ethiopian actors had a career quite as diverse as Girum Ermiases. Girum has gone from relatively humble beginnings as a Film crew member, to a highest paid actor in Habeshan Films history,to then become a leading man in Ethiopian Film industry. He started his acting career by staring on a movie directed by Henok Ayele, MESEWAT, and continued impressing audiences and directors with critically acclaimed performances in HERMELA,SIREYET, and many more.

Girum Ermias Wegayehu was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, around Teklehaymanot area. As a kid he was more interested in movies than Academic activities, he was an average student who enjoys movies and playing characters that he saw in action movies, that were popular at that time, mostly Arnold Schwarzenegger and jean claude van damme movie characters.

In 1995E.C. Girum, joined Hollyland Acadamy of Film & Acting, at first he was planning to be a Script Writer, however his teachers saw a unique talent in Girum and gave him the encouragement he needs’ for an acting career. In his youth days Girum was a shy person, and was not confident enough to show his acting abilities, lucky for him,his first acting role in MESEWAT, was playing a character who communicates through nonverbal communications and facial expressions. He then starred in Yonas Birhane Mewa’s film, HERMELA, a movie that was based on actual events, Girum played the role of Kasahun, a man who was in Love, but was not welcomed by the women he loves and sought to get it using extortion and force. His performance in HERMELA, gave him a career boost and he was able to showcase his dazzling talent in many Hit Habesha movies.

Trade Mark

♦ Often stars in period films or plays real-life individuals

♦ Often plays characters with high internal conflicts

♦ Intense emotional acting style

♦ Method Acting style(Stanislavsky system)

♦ Doesn’t play a TV series role


♦ He endorsed his mother’s first name to replace his Grandfather’s name,for his legal name Girum Ermias Wegayehu. And in his legal name,Girum Ermias Wegayehu , Wegayehu is the first name of his mother. He did this to show his respect for a mother figure and women as a whole.

♦ His favorite director is Jusepe Tornatore, an Italian film director and screenwriter, who is best know for Italian movies, Cinema Paradiso & Malèna, Girum admires the depth of script writing in Jusepe Tornatore movies.

♦ When he was 18 years old Girum was mesmerized by the character played by Kevin Costner  in the movie, The Bodyguard , and decided to become a Bouncer(Bodyguard) , he was hired in Vogue Night Club, now known as Club Illusion and worked as a Bouncer for some time.

♦ In his youth days, Girum was a hard working person, he has worked in Metal workshops & Day labor jobs.

♦ He has served a 5 year prison sentence, where he finds his true life calling and finished his high school education.

Personal and Favorite Quotes

 “A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials.” , Confucius


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