Hard drive data recovery services

Hard drive data recovery services

Whether it was from a hard drive failure, data corruption or accidentally deleting a file; we have all experienced data lose at some point. Lucky for us there are Hard drive data recovery services that can help us restore the data we lost.

Most of the time hard drive failures occur due to hardware or system malfunction and human error; which in total account for almost 75% of all data loss incidents. Software corruption, computer viruses and natural disasters, such as fire and water damage accounts for the rest.

Once a hard drive failure occur you should consult data recovery professionals in order to avoid additional data loss and further damage to the data storage device. We have tried to review two of the most notable hard drive data recovery services in Ethiopia.

Hard drive data recovery services 

Prolab Techworks Solution 

Prolab TechWorks Soultion offers data recovery service that specializes in recovering data from hard disk, RAID drives, tapes, laptops or notebooks and personal computers.

They provide recovery services for data losses caused by power surges/outages, static electricity, lightning strikes, fires, floods, other natural disasters, viruses, hardware malfunctions, accidents, and files deleted or formatted or f-disked due to user error.

Prolab Techworks promises to give you a diagnostic report and a price quote within 24 hours receiving your hard drive.

They will take 3 – 5 business day to work on the data recovery.

When the data recovery is complete, your will have options to receive the recovered data on DVD, CD-ROM, Hard Drive or any other removable media.

Their office is located at Gerji Mebrathail ,TS Bld., 3rd floor, Room 308.

Tel: +251911680408



Email: info@prolabtechworks.com

Hard drive data recovery services

Hexagon Computer Systems  

Hexagon Computer Systems is a Computer Service company that deals with data recovery,IT Support, Computer and Office Machine Maintenance, Website Development, Software Development, Networking and Graphic Designing.

They provide data recovery services for:

  • Formatted disc
  • Virus attacked File
  • Damaged or Burnt hard disc
  • Highly scratched CD
  • Virus attacked flash drive and
  • Video tape recovery

They will try to recover you data in a reasonable time frame. And you will have options to receive the recovered data on DVD, CD-ROM, Hard Drive or any other removable media.

Their Office is located at Bole Medhanealem, Robel Plaza Building, 3rd Floor.

Tel: +251 (0) 11 6 612475

+251 (0) 9 11 522621

Email: info@hexagonview.com

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