Ministry of Education Press Release

Ministry of Education Press Release

The Ministry of Education of Ethiopia has given a press release on higher education institutions and learning environment of 2009 .

According to Minister for Education Shiferaw Shigute, In 33 of the Universities that provide an undergraduate program, students are not required to pass an entrance exam. And the chances of a student being placed in one of these universities are higher.

According to the Minister, Only 60% of Students from each region of the country will be assigned to Universities outside of their home region. The Minster noted, the system of university placement based on region was being applied for the past 3 years and it will also be implemented in 2009.

40 percent of students joining universities this year will be assigned to higher Education institutions residing in their home regions. The Minister explained, this system of University placement will help in cultivating students who have a better understanding of their backgrounds and the society they grew up in.

Universities across the country will start accepting new students on Meskerem 30.