Top 5 Best job search sites in Ethiopia

Top 5 Best job search sites in Ethiopia

The internet and online job hunting has transformed the way we look for jobs, making our searches quicker, easier and a lot wider than the traditional job search. While vacancy adds on newspapers are a great way to search for jobs, there are plenty of websites that can help you succeed  in your job hunting endeavors. We have compiled the Top 5 best job search sites in Ethiopia for you to check and use them as your career tool.

Top 5 Best job search sites in Ethiopia

1.Ethio Jobs, a subsidiary of Info Mind Solutions, is a premiere e-recruiting platform connecting leading employers with qualified job seekers in Ethiopia.Launched in 2004, has progressively built a human resource bank now comprising more than 200,000 CVs.

Powered by a team of qualified staff members and cutting-edge computerized database system, They remain the unrivaled platform in connecting private, local, international and multinational employers hiring in Ethiopia with job seekers as well as the primary source of HR solutions.

Search for Jobs ➤➤➤ Ethiopian Jobs on EthioJobs

2.Ezega was founded in 2007 in Silicon Valley, California, USA, to provide the Ethiopian community at home and abroad various online tools for business, entertainment, and social networking.

Registered Job seekers can create their resumes online with a few clicks. They can also apply online for jobs posted by registered users and communicate with them directly (provided the employer has created a profile at Employers can create and update their company profile, post jobs quickly, search and access resumes of potential candidates, invite prospective candidates through Private Message Board (PMB), and much more.

Search for Jobs ➤➤➤ Ethiopian Jobs on Ezega

3.Employ Ethiopia

  • is a free online platform open for employers and job seekers to post,search, and apply for jobs online.

  • They Offer an absolutely free and state-of-the-art online recruitment platform for all kind of employers from the private and government sector across the country.
  • delivers attractive job content and information. Their content and online platform is freely available to, and devoured by, more than 90,000 of visitors and around 4,000 medium sized and small companies across the country.

Search for Jobs ➤➤➤ Ethiopian Jobs on EmployEthiopia

4.Qefira Jobs

  • Qefira Jobs is a part of Qefira, an online and mobile web based classified ads platform that offers buyers and sellers a unique opportunity to effectively reach their target audience.

  • They offer FREE listings to advertisers allowing them unlimited and direct contact to their potential markets.
  • Qefira is also available in print circulating over 15,000 copies per month across high value traffic locations across Addis Ababa.

 Search for Jobs ➤➤➤ Ethiopian Jobs on Qefira

5.Jumia Jobs

  • Formerly known as EverJobs, Jumia Jobs is part of Jumia the biggest online shopping platform in Africa.

  • Even though Jumia Jobs is new to Ethiopian job market, Jumia Jobs is a platform to consider for your job hunting en-devours.
  • They try to provide job seekers not only with an array of job choices, but also with the tools and knowledge to get these jobs. 

Search for Jobs ➤➤➤ Ethiopian Jobs on JumiaJobs

We are hopeful that you will manage to find your dream job! We invite you to read our article on How you can develop salary negotiation skills and ways to avoid the most common mistakes during a job interview: Salary Negotiation and Interview Skills 


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