Research shows vitamins and other antioxidants from certain fruits and vegetables reduce melanin production and its transport to the top layers of the skin. For example, lemons, a popular natural skin lightener, contain the powerful antioxidant vitamin C (ascorbic acid), which has several functions in skin.

Vitamin C lightens skin by inhibiting tyrosinase, the first enzyme on the pathway to melanin production. Other plant life also has various chemicals that interfere with melanin production or transport.

Putting the science and users’ experiences into action, try the following home routine to brighten and refresh your face or lighten facial blemishes. You can also use these natural mixtures on other areas of hyperpigmented skin in such places as your underarms, hands, arms, or legs.


There is no better natural bleaching agent than lemon! Cut out a small part of lemon and rub it on your face in a circular motion. Allow the juice to stay on your face for at least 30 minutes. Later, you may wash off using lukewarm water. Do this daily for best results. But you must also bear in mind that lemons can dry out the skin. For a natural alternative, you may apply some honey onto your face after trying out this remedy to lock in some moisture. Otherwise, you may use your regular face moisturizer.


As if its sweetness and rich flavours are not enough to make them irresistible, here is an extra advantage you did not know-it actually whitens your skin. Eating papaya daily can give you a lighter complexion and add glow to your skin. You can also make a mask out of it. Crush a slice of papaya and add in some lemon juice. Spread evenly onto your face and wait for 20 minutes before washing it off.

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