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Published on Oct 18, 2016 by esetube

In addition to the video information on the most common interview questions and answers; You can read more about the interview questions that are most used by interviewers during an interview below.

1. “Tell Me About Yourself…”

  • Keep your answer to the point.
  • Be work specific and tell the hiring manager about where you are now professionally, what you have learned from your past work experiences and then talk about what makes you excited about this specific opportunity.
  • Do your company research and find out exactly what strengths and qualities this specific company is looking for and in your answer try and show the hiring manager you possess them.

2. “Why Should We Hire You?”

  • Show the hiring manager that you are uniquely suited to filling this position. Be the candidate that solves their “problems“.
  • Show you know some significant details about the company and their general practices because you have researched the firm and are prepared.
  • Tell a “success story” that highlights how you have the ‘qualities’ needed to fill their specific needs.

3. “What Is Your Greatest Strength?”

  • This question really lets you guide the interview where you want it to go. This your chance to relate your most impressive success story, so take advantage!
  • Highlight a strength that is crucial to the position.

Find out from your company research and from the job description what strengths the company puts a lot of stock into.

4. “What Is Your Greatest Weakness?”

  • Show that you are aware of your weakness and what you have done to overcome it.
  • Show that you are “self-aware” and that you have the ability to take steps to improve yourself.

5. “Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?”

  • If it was because you left voluntarily then reference a specific characteristic that the company you are interviewing for has that you are attracted to. One that your previous employer didn’t have.
  • If you were let go, be honest and explain the situation and own it. Explain what you learned from the experience, because the interviewer knows you’re human, you make mistakes, and just wants to see that you were able to do something about it
  • Words like “downsizing” and “budget cuts” and “bad economy” are good defenses if they are true and are the reasons for departure from the job.
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