Facebook account checker app


Published on Nov 22, 2016 by esetube

Many of the Facebook accounts are fake. People create fake accounts to advertise or simply to get attention. Most fake accounts contain photos of attractive people in order to lure you to friend them, talk to them or give them your full attention.

Many people have found someone attractive on Facebook and spent a lot of time talking to them, only to find out later that they have been fooled and that the person isn’t real. Or they were simply lured to become friends of someone on Facebook, only to later find out that the person is fake and they are heavily advertised to.

The app enables you to find information’s about;

  • FB Checker verifies if people that you meet on Facebook are real or if they have fake pictures and accounts.
  • Who is looking at your photos – you will be able to know if Someone is finding out your profile or your photos?
  • Who has changed – you will find out if someone blocks you or changes their profile.
  • Publication rankings – you can explore your photos organized by likes or comments.
  • Friends photos – you will be able to find hidden photos of your friends.
  • Who is online – you will find out your friends activity. Discover friends who are online!
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