How to Use LinkedIn to boost your career


Published on Oct 18, 2016 by esetube

In addition to the video information on how to use LinkedIn to boost your career; You can find valuable information on the merits and advantages of building a LinkedIn profile below. With over 350 million users across the globe, LinkedIn is the go-to resource for professional networking. Use LinkedIn to:

  • Find and connect with contacts for informational interviews.
  • See where others with your major now work.
  • Find job leads using LinkedIn’s jobs feature.
  • Research companies and connect with their employees using the company directory.
  • Stay abreast of news and events in a career or industry using LinkedIn Pulse.
  • Participate in career-specific groups with others sharing your interest.

LinkedIn not only connects people in order to build their network, but also it allows you to find and apply for jobs directly through the site! Just like any other job board, you can search for the exact job you want and discover employers from around the world. The benefit for job searching through LinkedIn: it allows employers and job seekers near-instant access to connect and gather information about each other, and gives candidates more insight into the company and its employees.

Tips for Linkedin Profile:

  • First impressions count! Be sure your photo is a professional-looking headshot…no sunglasses or party photos.
  • To “brand” yourself, create a compelling headline for your profile that refers to a unique personal strength or skill.
  • Include recommendations from your supervisors, instructors, and colleagues on your profile. This will impress potential employers.
  • Use professional courtesy when messaging new contacts. Use a concise 5-point email to make your connection and interview request. Be sure to ask them if there is something you can do for them in return.
  • Be sure to include a few people with large LinkedIn networks among your connections – you’ll have access to a larger pool of people for networking.
  • Create status updates to share personal career news and items of career interest.
  • Join several groups in your career field and contribute to discussions of interest to you; you’ll build rapport with other professionals.
  • Get feedback on your profile from others.
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