Prison Break – Scofield is breaking out & it all starts with a piece of gum


Published on Aug 02, 2016 by esetube

Prison Break was one of the Hit Series movies in Ethiopia back in 2005 – 2009, the series got many dedicated fans and there is a tremendous nostalgia for the show in Ethiopia.

Fox recently announced the revival of the show; Prison Break: Sequel (TV Mini-Series 2017) that sets 7 years later to the Final Break episode. Many fans did not expect a revival to the show, since the main character played by Wentworth Miller was killed on the very last episode of the show; however the main character Micheal Scofield is  now alive and is planing to escape yet another prison(From the official Trailer).

On the recent Trailer video released by Fox; Micheal Scofield is planing to break out of a prison with a piece of Gum? Seriously a piece of Gum? Sara has a new man in her life, played by Mark Feuerstein of Royal Pains. His name is Jacob, and he’s the new father figure for Michael and Sara’s young child, little Mike (played by Christian Michael Cooper.)

We have to wonder if this new husband will advise Sara to stay out of it, or help her find her long-lost lover. Either way, we all know there will still be some feelings to flesh out between Sara and Michael.

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