Acoustic Guitar in Ethiopia

Acoustic Guitar in Ethiopia – Buy and Sale

Are you interested in playing a Guitar? Well, you have come to the Right place! Learning to play Guitar is more approachable than many other instruments. If you are passionate about playing a guitar and can dedicate a reasonable time to practice, you too can Master Guitar. Acoustic Guitar in Ethiopia – Where to buy in Addis Ababa?

Acoustic Guitar in Ethiopia

There are a handful of music stores that sell brand new & used acoustic guitars in Addis Ababa. The best and mostly available acoustic guitar brand available in Ethiopia is Yamaha and Abc Trading is the sole importer for Yamaha musical instruments. Yamaha is a Japanese brand, however there are manufacturers in Indonesia and China who make affordable Yamaha Guitars, most of the stores in Addis Ababa sell these cheap guitars.

Guitars shopping requires great care when you decide to buy one for the first time. Here are some of the check points you should consider before buying a Guitar.

  • What type of Guitar to buy – Acoustic, electric, acoustic electric.
  • What Brand of Guitar to buy
  • Price range in the market
  • Used or New
  • Body Style
  • Action and Intonation
  • Tuning and Projection of the Guitar

It’s better to go with an experienced Guitar play when you decide to shop for an acoustic guitar. There are freelancers in Addis Ababa, who can help you buy the best Guitar within your budget. You can find Guitar Shopping assistants on Ethiopian Freelancing Platform >>> Guitar Shopping Assistant Freelancer in Addis Ababa

Ways that You could Learn to Play a Guitar

  • Private Music Teacher – You can hire a private Guitar Teacher who can teach you to play Guitar.
  • Enroll into a Music School – You can learn to play a Guitar by enrolling into a Music school of your choice.
  • Teach Yourself How to Play – You can teach yourself through different Guitar learning materials.

You can use one of the above mentioned method to learn how to play Guitar, however Guitar learning requires a regular practice. Practicing playing Guitar for 15 minuets a day in a regular basis can help you achieve your goals. In order to practice regularly you need to have your own guitar that you can use at any convenient time.