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Protect Your Privacy on Facebook

We all submit our personal information to Facebook and most of it is shared with friends to help us all out,but there is a dark side to it. Your privacy might be at risk if you don’t try to Protect your Privacy on Facebook.

Much of the information stored and shared on the site could be used maliciously, So it is important to ensure that you’re careful about all of the data that’s on there to Protect your Privacy on Facebook.

Your birthday

Birthdays on Facebook are traditional: everyone posts on your wall to wish you a Happy Birthday.However your birthday is actually very sensitive information that can give people more easy access to your bank and other personal accounts. So it’s best to keep it quiet.

Your home address

People often list their address while planning events, or even on their own page. If you need to tell people where you are, it’s best to do it privately in a direct message – otherwise, it’s probably safest to be vague and list only the region or town you live.

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Where you’ve worked or went to school

Keeping full details of all of your employment on your profile makes it easier for people to find you since you’ll more easily show up in search results and in groups. If you want to keep the information on there but would rather not show up there, you could change the name slightly, so that it will be obvious to anyone who visits but people will less easily be able to find you.

Protect your Privacy on Facebook – Your interests

Facebook collects everything that it thinks might be of interest to you and uses that to target ads at you. You can easily remove interests – or even give Facebook entirely different ones, if you wish

Privacy should be your main concern when using Facebook and other social media sites over the internet.