remotely delete data on a lost or stolen Android device

How to remotely delete data on a lost or stolen Android device

Nowadays we keep a lot of personal information on our mobile phones and there is a risk that these information’s might end up in the wrong hands. What can you do to protect your privacy if your Android device is lost or stolen? And how can you remotely erase personal data stored on your phone? Here is an application that can help you remotely delete data on a lost or stolen Android device.

Eradoo Android Mobile Application

Eradoo is a powerful security mobile application that will enable you to remotely erase data from your lost or stolen Android device. The most unique feature of Eradoo app is that it doesn’t require internet access to trigger a complete wipe-off. You have four different trigger options to remotely erase data present on your Android device.

1. By Sending SMS

Sending a pre-defined message from a listed number will trigger the erase. In the Triggers card, tap the gear icon corresponding to “Receiving SMS”. Write down the message that you would like to use as a trigger. You can also select a specific contact for it, or simply keep the option open for any number.

2. When SIM card is removed

SIM card removal will automatically make the trigger to wipe all data.

3. When SIM card is replaced with another

If the SIM is replaced with a new one, a message will be automatically sent to a defined number consisting the phone number of the newly inserted SIM. If you are planing to use this option make sure that you disabled SIM card removal” trigger.

4. When SIM card is blocked

If your phone’s SIM lock-pin entries are wrong and are maxed out the data stored will automatically be erased.

Eradoo app offers a simple design requiring only 8MB space after installation. The application will not run in the background and increase your battery consumption.

The PRO version adds two features that makes the app even more useful. These include:

  • SMS delivery confirmation for the “SMS message” trigger. A confirmation message will be sent to you when the wipe is successfully initiated.
  • Receive the number of the new SIM inserted, for the “SIM card replacement” trigger.

How to Download

The app is available on Google Play Store. For more information and to download the latest version please visit the official >>> Eradoo – Data Protection app on Google Play Store.

Once installed, run the app and swipe to the Settings tab. Set a password first, this will prevent anybody else from accessing Eradoo and disabling the triggers. You can then enable and setup individual triggers.

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