Melat Belayneh, Kaleb Hailu and Mikias Sebsibe

Kana Tv Hashtag Mindin a must watch show

Hashtag Mindin is an Ethiopian educational television show that airs on Kana Tv. The show focuses on legal, social, ethical and environmental issues that matter to Ethiopian society. It is hosted by Melat Belayneh, Kaleb Hailu and Mikias Sebsibe; passionate friends who are working hard to change perceptions in Ethiopian society through a well informed and entertaining conversation.

In Ethiopia we are used to shallow entertainment shows that add little or no value to our reasoning and logical thoughts. Most shows focus on trends that can attract huge audience and even if there are shows that try to advocate rational thinking they lack the entertainment factor. Hashtag Mindin keeps the right balance between entertainment and educational aspect of a show. You are guarantied to engage with the ideas being debated and the issues they raise definitely sparks a question in your mind. They always present their own perspectives, but don’t force it on you to accept it; they will tell you the facts and help you create your own opinion.

Many people complain about Kana Tv and the programs that are being aired on the station. Professional meetings have been held to put pressure on the channel and there is even a smear campaign by religious institutions to influence audience from tuning in to the station. Even though they have a valid concern, it’s more of a pessimistic view. The station can help create a healthy competition between existing channels and it will help improve the overall quality of the sector. And to be honest the station airs some shows that can educate and add value to Ethiopian audience. #Mindin is one of those shows.

The genius of the show starts form the title “#Mindin”, Mindin is an Amharic word which can be translated as “What?” and it’s the perfect title for this educational & engaging show. The title makes you question everything starting from the set where the show is recorded to every single idea presented by the hosts. There is a natural feel about the show and you can feel the electrical chemistry between these three friends Melat Belayneh, Kaleb Hailu and Mikias Sebsibe.

These friends share the same interest ‘the law’ and they are practicing lawyers working in different sectors of the profession. Here are their personal profiles if you would like to know:

Melat Belayneh 

She is a graduate of Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from Haramaya University and she has a Masters degree in human rights law from Addis Ababa University. And currently she is managing director of Romha Media and Communications. Learn more about Melat Belayneh

Mikias Sebsibe

He is a graduate of Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from Addis Ababa University collage of law and Governance studies. And currently he is Public relations and communications director at Yegna Project. Learn more about Mikias Sebsibe

Kaleb Hailu

He is a graduate of  Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from Debub Univeristy and is currently account executive at 251 communications and marketing. Learn more about Kaleb Hailu

The next time you tune to #Mindin realize that you are in good hands. Melat Belayneh, Kaleb Hailu and Mikias Sebsibe are a well read, well informed, inquisitive  presenters with the right education and experience. Tune in and enjoy the show!

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