Payoneer Ethiopia

Payoneer Ethiopia

Payoneer is a financial services business that provides online money transfer and e-commerce payment services. Payoneer is an easy, secure and cost effective international online payment processor. Payoneer Ethiopia – Payoneer is by far the best online electronic payment system available for Ethiopians. Using Payoneer acount you will be able to receive online payments,  pay for online services and withdraw your money at any local ATM in Ethiopia.

Payoneer Ethiopia – Apply for Payoneer Account

Here are the steps that you need to follow to successfully apply and get approved for Payoneer account.

Step 1: Click ➤ Here  to get a registration form.

Step 2: Click Sign Up !

After clicking “Sign Up!” you will be asked to complete the registration form in three steps.

Click “Start Here You need to fill accurate personal data.

  • Make sure you provide your exact Birth date and email address.
  • Select Ethiopia from the Country selection drop down list.
  • For your home Address; Please add “Street” or “Road” at the end of your Address.
  • P.o.Box  You need to pay special attention here. Insert a valid P.o.Box(If you don’t have a P.o.Box ask your relatives or friends for their Postal Number)
  • Use your phone number; Use the international format: +251 – your phone number.
  • Do not tick Click here and fill in this section ONLY if your shipping address is different from above

“Step II”  You need to enter a unique Password and Security Question

  • Enter a Password that you will not forget, Or Save your User name(The Email address you entered for registration) and password on your phone or write it down on Note book.
  • Select a security question that you are comfortable with and enter you answer. Save your security questions and answers on your phone or write it down  on a Note book.

“Step III”  You need to enter a personal data as it appears on your Identity Cards.

  • You will have an option to use “National Id”, “Driver license” or “Passport ID”; use the available one.

Step 3: Final Step – Tick all the box that start with “I agree…” and Click “FINISH”.

Step 4: Check your Email address that you used to register;

You’ll get an email from Payoneer Customer Support saying “Your application is received and the application is currently in review”.

And in some cases Payoneer will ask you to attach a Scanned copy of your identity card that matches what you submitted during the registration. Scan your ID and upload it using the link provided in the email sent to you.

Step 5: Check the P.o.Box you entered for registration.

After 3 Weeks Payoneer will send you an Email address confirming the shipment; Go to the Post office and check the P.o.Box you entered for registration. Payoneer Ethiopia – After that you will need to activate it in order to integrate your account with Payoneer system.

Watch a Video lesson ➤ How to Activate your Payoneer Account