Salary Negotiation Skills Ethiopian Companies

Salary Negotiation Skills Ethiopian Companies

Employers often propose a lower monthly salary than what they can actually offer. And unless the job posting states that the salary is non-negotiable;You can expect that an employer can increase his offer depending on your confidence and salary negotiation skills. Here are some of the salary negotiation Skills Ethiopian Companies that you need to work on in-order to get a better salary for the job position:

Salary Negotiation Skills Ethiopian Companies

1.Weak Research or Negotiation Preparation

There is no excuse for you as the job-seeker to not know your market value. You should have a better understanding of the market for your services and your value in that market.

2. Making a Salary Pitch Too Early

The ideal time for talking salary is when you are the final candidate standing and you get the job offer.Asking at any point earlier in the process can be perceived as being too focused on money.

3. Settling/Not Negotiating

The biggest mistake you can make in a job interview is simply deciding to settle and accept whatever offer you receive.Settling for a lower salary than you are worth has some major negative financial consequences ,you’ll earn less, receive smaller raises , and have a smaller pension.

4. Not Considering Your Employer’s Needs

It’s great to have self-confidence and totally necessary to advocate for yourself. Just try not to take things too far. you need to remember negotiation is largely about compromise. Which is to say while you’re trying to get as much as you can, your employer is likely trying to keep within their budget. Keeping that mind will help you negotiate effectively without coming on too strong.

5. Asking For Too Many Changes in Counteroffer

Employers make you an offer and it’s low? Fine. It’s perfectly acceptable and even expected that you’d make a counteroffer of some kind. But try to avoid excessive back and forth. Pick the one or two most important aspects of the offer and focus on those. But after a drawn out negotiation concludes, try to avoid bringing up entirely new things when it’s thought to be settled.

And always remember, Don’t undervalue yourself to get any job. Be confident about your skill and Knowledge; don’t settle for less than what you really are worth.

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