Smart Phone Selection criteria to consider before buying your phone

Smart Phone Selection criteria to consider before buying your phone

There were times when you only have few options to consider before buying your phone. Back in the days you might be able to choose from Nokia, Motorola and BalckBerry phones. In Ethiopia, the Ericson 2000 ER380, Nokia 3310 & 1100, Motorola Razr V3 magneta were the most popular phone brands. Nowadays there are too many smart phones to choose from and it can be overwhelming to decide on which smart phone to buy. Here is a Smart Phone Selection criteria to consider before buying your phone.

Functionality should be your main criteria when choosing a smart phone. After all the use of a phone is to connect you with people and perform tasks that can ease your day to day activities. If you buy a good looking phone with short battery life and bad performance, it would only make your daily activities difficult. What criteria should you follow to find the best smart phone?

Smart Phone Selection criteria to consider before buying your phone

1. Operating System

In Ethiopia, there are three main smart phone operating system choices : Android, IOS & Windows phone. You have to be very careful with these choices since a phones operating system will decide availability of applications, good user experience & connectivity. For cheaper maintenance, easy connectivity with other phones & reasonable prices Android phones are recommended. IOS operating system, iPhone is also a great choice, but do not buy a Windows phone unless you want a cheaper phone with limited capabilities. And make sure that the operating system installed is up to date.

2. Phone Processor

A good smart phone should have dual-core processor which will make it last longer than phones with single-core CPU. A phone with a decent processor will enable you to execute almost every task that a PC would do, so buying a dual-core processor or even quad-core processor phone is recommended.

3. Battery Life

Battery life is a major factor in performance and functionality of a smart phone. Your phone should be able to hold a charge for a full day when you buy it. Battery life will only decrease through time and you should choose a phone with good battery life. If possible buy a phone with a removable battery, so that you can change a defective battery.

4. Network

Since ETC supports 4G LTE network, make sure you buy a phone that supports the feature. You can enjoy a super fast internet connection with 4G network.

5. Screen

You have the option to choose from AMOLED and LCD screens. However, you should pay attention to the screen resolution, quality and brightness. With screen sizes gradually increasing, low resolutions means text and icons can look blocky and jagged. You should at least get a phone with 800×480 pixels, but a phone with a 720p or 1280×720 pixel resolution is recommended.

6. Camera

Before you decide to pay for your phone, take a few test camera shots. Your phone should at least be capable of taking a good picture. Phones camera specifications should not be taken as a guaranty for its performance, the numbers are largely meaningless – you should test its quality by taking test shots.

In Ethiopia, you have several choices of android operating system installed phones. Even though we recommend you to opt in for android phone, you also need to be careful when buying one. Smart phone market is booming and there are a lot of indistinguishable fake android phones. Here is a guide on how you can Determine Fake Android Phones