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Top 5 Websites for Latest Breaking Ethiopian News

Latest Breaking Ethiopian News – The internet has changed the way we view & consume news. Nowadays, Social media is not just for fun and communication, it’s also the leading news source for many online users. With the constant increase of mobile users in Ethiopia, news companies are now focusing on websites & social media platforms.

Latest Breaking Ethiopian News

Getting free news from websites & social media can be more convenient, but oftentimes that content does not qualify as professional journalism. However, there are also reliable & professional news provides that serve reliable information. Here are the top 5 websites & social media pages that serve up to date and latest Ethiopian news.

1) Fana Broadcasting Corporate S.C

Fana broadcasting corporate, formerly know as Radio fana is a private news media company operating in Ethiopia. Launched in 1994 E.C., the company focuses mainly on political, social and economical reports about Ethiopia. After signing a formal agreement with Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority(EBA) in 2016 G.C., the corporate become a licensed TV broadcast in the country. The following year Fana TV started transmission of its satellite TV channel on Nilesat. Even though the company is a new comer to the digital news industry it has quickly risen up the ranks to become the best online source for Ethiopian news and information.

Get the latest breaking Ethiopian news from Fana Broadcasting;

Amharic Language >>> Fana Amharic Website  Fana Broadcasting Facebook Page in Amharic Language 
Afan Oromo Language >>> Fana Afan oromoo Website
Tigrinya Language >>> Fana Tigrinya Website
English language >>> Fana English Website

2) Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC)

Initially established during Emperor Haile Selassie reign with the help of a British firm called Thomson. Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation or EBC is an Ethiopian public sector broadcaster which is fully owned by Ethiopian government. It’s the countries oldest and largest broadcaster serving a broad Ethiopian audience through out the country. In recent years the corporate is embracing the Digital mode of transmission and it can be a reliable source of information for latest Ethiopian news.

Get the latest breaking Ethiopian news from EBC;

Amharic Language >>> EBC Amharic Website  ;  EBC Facebook Page in Amharic Language
English language >>> EBC English Website

3) Deutsche Welle(DW) Amharic

Deutsche Welle, “German wave” in German or DW is Germany’s public international broadcaster. DW’s first Amharic radio program for Ethiopia went on the air on 1965 G.C. and with more than 50 years of broadcast the Amharic service has accompanied millions of listeners through Ethiopia’s turbulent history. Find the latest Ethiopian news from DW’s Amharic Website and Facebook page.

Get the latest breaking Ethiopian news from DW Amharic;

Amharic Language >>> DW Amharic WebsiteDW Amharic Language Facebook Page

4) BBC News Amharic, Afaan Oromo and Tigrinya

With the aim to provide high quality content to Ethiopians and Eritreans the BBC World service launched three radio programs and websites in 2017. The websites serve up to date information in three local languages; Amharic, Afan Oromoo and Tigrinya. You can find the latest Ethiopia breaking news from BBC News on Radio, Website or more conveniently on respective Facebook pages of your preferred language BBC News.

Get the latest breaking Ethiopian news from BBC;

Amharic Language >>> BBC News Amharic Website  ;   BBC News Amharic on Facebook
Afan Oromo Language >>>  BBC News Afan Oromoo Website  ;  BBC News Amharic on Facebook
Tigrinya Language >>> BBC News Tigrinya on Facebook  ;  BBC News Tigrinya on Facebook

5) The Reporter 

The Reporter also know as Ethiopian Reporter is a privately owned newspaper published in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It was founded in 1991 E.C. by the Media Communication Center, owned by Amare Aregawi; who is currently the owner and editor of the newspaper. You can find latest news and information about Ethiopia from the Reporter website and Facebook page.

Get the latest breaking Ethiopian news from The Reporter;

Amharic Language >>> The Reporter Newspaper Amharic Website  ;  The Reporter Facebook Page
English language >>> The Reporter Newspaper  in English

We hope the article gave you an input on the top most popular news sites on the internet for latest true Ethiopian breaking news alerts and reliable news headlines update. What do you think about these news websites? Which news web site is your favorite, you love to follow on Social media? Please let us know.

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