WhatsApp without internet connection

How to use WhatsApp without internet connection

Have you ever wondered about how to use WhatsApp without internet connection?Whatsapp is the most popular Messaging platform used by billions of people across the world. We spend a lot of time on whatsapp and use large amount of mobile data to access whatsapp on Smart Phones. And sometimes it proves to be costly and researching for ways to minimize our mobile data consumption is the smart move.

How to use WhatsApp without internet connection?

Recently a new sim card was launched only to use WhatsApp without having Intenet connection. This sim card was called as WhatSim. WhatSim costs around 10 EUROS (250ETB). It provides you unlimited text messaging for a year. Sharing of contacts, documents, location updates is free while you will have to buy credits for sharing multimedia messages such as videos, photos and voice messages. And this credit required depends on your location.

With €5 users get 1000 credits that can be used, for instance, to exchange 50 photos or 10 videos in many countries around the world. There are no limits to sharing position and contacts. Buying a recharge is quick and easy: just go to website:www.zeromobile.it  even from your smartphone.

The company is planning to launch this sim across the different parts of the world which includes almost 150 countries. It is also planning to make WhatSim available via “network of local distributors in over 100 countries.”

This is not the first time for us to hear about collaboration of social media company with a Telecom company.  One year ago, Facebook did the same by collaborating with Reliance to provide the users unlimited data usage. But it doesn’t became a huge hit.Thus you can use whatsApp without internet and without the involvement of any trick or hack.

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