Android app that automatically cleans Smart Phone


Published on Dec 28, 2016 by esetube

Does your smartphone feel incredibly slow? Does launching apps take forever? Is your battery always empty? If that is the case you need to clean up your smart phone. Smart phones can become annoying when their speed and functionality is not satisfying.  We all want our phones to perform better every time we use them, but how can we be able to speed up our smart phone?

Auto Clean Up is an android app that Carry out cleaning tasks automatically. And with other useful features, Auto clean up app is by far the best solution for your problems.

Auto Clean Up android app

When you use Auto clean Up;

  • Memory is freed automatically at regular intervals and background apps are terminated.
  • You can select time and scope of the clean up.
  • Auto Clean Up will also delete your browsing history, if desired.
  • It Clears application and system cache
  • It Terminates background apps
  • White-listing

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